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Welcome to my website. My name is Julian. For college, I went to the University of Arizona. I learned that I could combine my love for music with my love for Electrical Engineering in this new program they had. I could get a BA in Engineering and combine music and digital systems. During my time in college, I did many internships at recording studios in Chicago, where I grew up, and got into the music producing side of things. But I realized that industry was very hard and competitive. I also had a newfound desire to help people.

This desire eventually led me to Los Angeles and to my first engineering-ish job. I didn’t even know what IT was when I first got hired at Trinity Classical Academy. But I found out it was a great combination of my love for helping people and my math/science brain. I learned everything on my own. I fixed all kinds of problems with copiers, PCs, Macs, iPhones, Androids, and so on. These problems could be hardware or software. Whatever the problem, I figured out how to fit it on my own. I also fixed internet issues. Whether it was wifi interference, access point problems, or router issues, I fixed it. I also reconfigured the whole school’s internet connection. I set up an ESXI server, made custom VMs to serve as a firewall with a captive portal, mysql database, linux servers, an AD and DNS server, and much more.

This is when I started my own business called Seidel Tech Solutions and dealt with a variety of other tech issues. I had to eventually stop my own business because my career as a Network Admin had started to take off and I didn’t have time for my side business.

I then got married and moved to Ventura County. I got a new job at a much larger company, BendPak, as a Junior Network Admin. This job taught me the ins and outs of being a Network Admin. Since, I had learned everything on my own at Trinity Classical Academy, I didn’t know the correct practices for all of these applications. I quickly learned the most efficient practices for IT and started managing multiple servers for the company. I managed the firewall, web filter, email filter, WSUS server, and NVR/Camera system. I also provided support for their ERP system.

My wife and I then got pregnant with our son and I changed jobs to my current job at L-Acoustics as their Network Admin. I am now the head IT for the US branch of the global company. I decided to start up my side business again to help provide some extra income for my family for our future. Now that I have more experience, I believe I can provide better services to those around me and help people’s technology work better.

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